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Go kart is a kind of racing. It is a stimulating and attractive sport. It can not only bring drivers a high degree of physical and visual excitement and fun, but also implement skills education for teenagers and train them not to suffer hard setbacks. A courageous class with a spirit of hard work and good psychological quality, conscious compliance with disciplines and regulations, establishing good moral concepts, adapting to social development, popularizing automobile driving technology, automobile basic theoretical knowledge and mechanical common sense, and improving hands-on ability.
     The restrictions on age (over 14 years old) and height (above 1.4 meters) and high prices in domestic kart yards have made children who like cars racing in China missed karts. When they watch their parents drive, they are always very envious. Although there are many kinds of car toys in the home, however, those toys that cannot achieve driving pleasure make children's driving dreams even stronger. The Dileene Indoor Children ’s Go-Kart Hall was born in response to the market, so that domestic children no longer just have to play with the handle to the TV, but actually experience the driving fun of F1 racers.

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