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Millions of ball pool, as a very common children's entertainment facilities, can be seen everywhere in shopping malls, early education centers, schools, and even communities. Through observation, babies seem to be naturally interested in toys such as balls. Most babies like to stare at ball toys after a full moon. Wait for the initial learning to crawl, then like to chase the ball rolling play. Ball toys also serve as a bridge for older children to communicate with others.

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Millions of ball pool
If a small ocean ball pool can only attract the attention of young children with limited recreational capacity and low playability, what would be the effect of millions of ocean balls being put together?
Various soft bags, inflatable equipment and slide equipment are combined with numerous ocean balls to create a million ocean ball pool project, which breaks through the characteristics of ocean ball playing single and customers' age is limited. Whether it's young children, teenagers or adults, you can have a different kind of fun in a million ball pool.
For customers and friends with families, the million ball pool can serve as a place for parent-child education and entertainment, increasing the communication between children and their parents. Have fun with simple play. Colorful sea ball, like the stars in the sky, called immeasurable. Here children can wanton drill, climb, roll, play rich, interesting. Colorful sea balls can attract your baby's attention and promote color recognition. Through the children to the ocean ball pressure, grasp, throw and other movements, develop children's hands and feet coordination ability and sensory cognition.
In addition to its special appeal to children, the million ball pool also has a special appeal to adults. Adults, children, girlfriends, and couples can find a different way to play in a sea of millions of ball pools.
Colorful huge ocean ball pool besides can bring people the visual impact of the shock, couples, family, and also can fully meet the parents, friends of the amusement needs - huge ball pool, loosen body and mind, let ferial accumulation of pressure are fully released, again felt being buried in work and life pressure of innocence.
In the million ball pool, there are basically a corresponding adventure toys and sea ball combination. Pushing all kinds of big toys in a sea ball full of resistance is a challenging sport for children. In addition to toys that can be operated independently, most of them will be matched with amusement projects that require group cooperation, so that children can learn to cooperate with other partners in the million ball pool.
The construction of the million ball pool venue is mainly based on the selected venue area, height and shape of the venue, to determine the design and structure of the soft package inside the venue, and then combined with the idea of the customer to add the basic auxiliary equipment inside the ball pool. After determining the hardware infrastructure inside the stadium, what is left is the matching of the color and the overall style of the ocean ball. Finally, the depth of the sphere in the ball pool is considered to determine the final number of ocean balls.

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