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Trampoline park, also known as super trampoline, big trampoline, trampoline pavilion, trampoline amusement pavilion, combined trampoline and trampoline theme park, emerged in Europe and America in 1990. As a new type of indoor entertainment sports, trampoline is not only one of the Olympic sports that belong to gymnastics, but also known as "air ballet". Trampoline park into China, the majority of children to adults are favored.

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Trampoline park
In the past two years, trampoline park project is more and more accepted by the market, the country advocates the national fitness, jumping is human instinct, love jumping born, "jump higher" is the expectation and goal of mankind! When jumping on trampoline, because use up a lot of energy to heat, eliminate redundant adipose while, exercised the body again.
Comprehensive trampoline park can be designed free jumping area, rock climbing sponge pool area, ninja space, professional trampoline and kick wall ball area, fancy dunking area, slide, naughty fort area, devil slide and other areas, the area area is suggested to be 600-2000 square meters or above, so that players can experience the best.

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